about us...

Let there be rock!


Tonight im a rock'n'roll star

we aim to deliver fun, high energy, all singing, all dancing guns blazing show!

...varying in songs from Andy Williams to Metallica, we can pull out a set to cater from any event, weddings, parties, Pub/Club gigs, and any kind of festival!


Our sound

with having various influences from Indie/rock music, Rock'n'roll, Metal, Punk and soul. Each of these help add a wide range of flavour and energy to our shows, to get you all singing and dancing and generally rockin your socks off!!

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the name....


...kind of fitting

 A 'CHERRY REBEL' is a wanna-be rebel. A person who does mostly harmless and foolish crimes or immoral and/or antisocial activities just to gain attention. A cherry rebel is often a non-frightening and harmless person who tries to be a bad ass.  If the rebel-role is well-played by the cherry rebel he/she can actually appear more or less frightening at first. The first impression might fool you but a closer examination of the cherry rebel often reveals his/her true nature of foolishness and need for attention. 

the band...


Leon - Lead Vocals & Bass

Leon - Lead Vocals & Bass

Leon - Lead Vocals & Bass

the brooding face is just 'Concentration' .. or is it panic...


Rhys - Drums and Vocals

Leon - Lead Vocals & Bass

Leon - Lead Vocals & Bass

half drum machine, half tattoo canvass.. 

...all balls


Matt - Lead Guitar

Ellis - Guitar and Vocals

Ellis - Guitar and Vocals

The Master Shredder with more pedals than a bike shop!


Ellis - Guitar and Vocals

Ellis - Guitar and Vocals

Ellis - Guitar and Vocals

Baby Busker. Will put you in a trance with his head banging..

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Cherry Rebels

Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales, United Kingdom

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